Co-operation with other organisations

YDW is still growing. We are cooperating with our sister organization, IADS, not only because today's students are tomorrow's professionals but also because a close affiliation can help both the YDW and the IADS to move forwards together to achieve our respective goals which in reality are very similar. In the last 12 years we established a lot of new contacts and a lot of new national organisations for young dentists were founded with our help and support.

 Though YDW is an offshoot of the IADS, it is very much dependant on the FDI of which it is a affiliate member. A further plus is that YDW organises social events for young dentists at FDI congresses!

 Though still a very young organization, YDW has many ambitious projects prepared for the future. These will be publicized on the YDW Internet site.

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