Why was YDW created?

The dental world boasts of two well-established organizations - IADS and FDI. As their name implies, IADS is devoted to the dental student while FDI is devoted to the dentist. Both organizations have been in existence for a number of years now. However, there seems to be a gap between the two organizations. This is only logical… The resulting effect is that certain IADS members would tend to lose that momentum gathered whilst participating in their organization's activities causing them to drop out of any form of international activity…. The dental world needs YDW…We are the essential link to bridge the gap between student life and FDI. Our organization has managed to capture the best of both worlds! The mentality of a freshly graduated is not much different from that of a dental student…. One does not change overnight.

Whenever there is a YDW activity one can expect the freshness so characteristic of a university student coupled with the responsibility and seriousness of a professional.

The main aim of YDW is to promote the needs and interests of young dentists of the world.
Which means more exactly to promote
Scientific programs specifically designed in the interests of the young dentists
Supporting young dental scientists
Voluntary work programs within the framework of the World Health Organization - WHO (and also in cooperation with IADS)
Liaison with national and international bodies
Exchange programs with scientific and cultural activities
A standardized dental education including postgraduate education and specialization

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