What Is Young Dentists Worldwide?

Young Dentists Worldwide is getting a new face


During the 1991 Annual Congress of the International Association of Dental Students (IADS) held in Portugal, a workshop was created and attended by about 15 eager and freshly graduated dentists. The fruit of that workshop was YOUNG DENTISTS WORLDWIDE (YDW).

At the 82nd FDI World Dental Congress in Vancouver, Canada, October 1994, the YDW became a section of the FDI. This gave the organization the necessary boost to be able to promote itself and expand. At the 90 th FDI World Dental Congress in Vienna Austria the YDW became an affiliate member of the FDI.

Nowadays, YDW is recognized as the official world organization representing young dentists with about 350 supporting and corresponding members hailing from over 40 different countries all over the world…and the number is still growing!

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