Young Dentists Worldwide is getting a new face

Already in March the leadingship of the association was handed over by the former organization that is a gap between the World Dental Federation (FDI) and the International Association of Dental Students (IADS) was handled by an interim committee. Ideas for a new future were collected and a new constitution formed. So it will be possible soon to become a personal member of YDW, also national associations for dental alumni and young dentists  can be part. Primary goals are to strengthen the identity and the community of graduates in all over the world, to organize an hospitation programme internationally, to help dentists in career- planning and to give young scientists a forum. In the frame of common congresses between IADS and YDW is it possible to have lectures and workshops, from that both sides gain profit.


A new Executive Committee of YDW was elected in the first week of August during the annual meeting of IADS and YDW in Iasi, Romania.  The EXCO will be leaded for the next 3 years by president Dr. Mark Antal from Hungary. Furthermore in the EXCO are: Secretary General and Health Coordinator Dr. Magdalena Maciejowska from Poland, International Scientific Officer Dr. Ahmed Hawas from Egypt, Editor Ingmar Dobberstein and Communication Officer Juliane Gnoth, both German plus treasurer Dr. Andrea Veitova from Czech Republic. The main goals for the next months are to launch a new updated website, to gain many members from all over the world and to support colleagues in other countries to establish national young dentists organizations. As there was a new alumni- association founded in Germany in January, other countries like Russia and Egypt are just on the way to be part in Young Dentists Worldwide. The Executive Committee sees itself as a support and guidance for other associations in the world.


The next meeting will take place in Cologne Germany, during the IDS 2011.

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